Jeannine Perotto, M.Ed., E-RYT

Founder & Director

Jeannine Perotto, M.Ed., E-RYT, is the Founder and Director of Yoga Rocks! and Yoga Rocks! Kids.  She is an expert in the fields of yoga and wellness for children and adults of all ages and abilities. Currently, she continues to expand her presence through teaching private classes and sessions, prenatal and baby yoga as well as directing the Yoga Rocks! Kids Teacher Training Program.  She was also recently accepted as a faculty member of the Kids Yoga Academy.

Jeannine's journey into the health field began as a young child. After experiencing a burn to her hands as a baby and undergoing two surgeries during her childhood, Jeannine sought out ways to deal with the stressful physical and emotional experience. This led her to pursue healthy and effective ways to help children handle stressful situations and everyday issues in their lives.

Jeannine planned on a career in medicine and graduated pre-med with a degree in biology. She traveled abroad and studied biology and psychology, where the integration of the mind and body connection really hit home. This combination of western medicine and effective stress techniques was what she sought after as a child. She realized that a career in the holistic health field was her future and wanted to help children learn about these techniques. With excitement, Jeannine pursued a Master's Degree in Education. Following, she began teaching science and relaxation techniques to children of all ages and abilities.

Touched by one of her students with cerebral palsy, Jeannine became a certified yoga instructor at the Kripalu Center for Health and Yoga in Lenox, MA and began a yoga enrichment program at Locust Valley Middle School. What came next was truly an amazing experience as Jeannine watched children of all ages and abilities thrive in every aspect of their lives, including academic performance. By practicing the poses and breathing techniques, the children were more focused, balanced, healthier and happier.

Jeannine knew that her next step was to take yoga to a whole new level.

In 2004, Jeannine founded Yoga Rocks!® in Oyster Bay, a yoga studio for children, adults and families. She sold it in 2009 in order to expand the programs and create new products and services.  Currently, Jeannine directs the Yoga Rocks! Kids Teacher Training Program and teaches private sessions and workshops on Long Island.