The Yoga Rocks! Kids Program is an inspirational and educational yoga program for kids of all ages and abilities.  Our mission is to educate and empower kids of all abilities with effective skills and techniques that lead to productive, positive, and peaceful futures.

Specializing in yoga for kids with Autism, ADD/ADHD, and Anxiety.


We offer Yoga Rocks! Kids classes and private sessions for kids of all ages and abilities. Our classes are based on the Yoga Rocks! Kids Program created by Jeannine Perotto out of her fifteen years teaching science and yoga.  Classes are offered at various locations on Long Island. We are always creating new classes and programs so email us if you are interested in having us start a group. 

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Certified Yoga Rocks! Kids Teachers currently teach school programs and workshops at schools all over Long Island.  Many options exist such as workshops for health fairs and Phys. Ed., enrichment programs, after-school programs, etc.  Learn more…

WORKSHOPS AND TEACHER TRAINING  Our teacher training program, The Yoga Rocks! Kids Program, consists of workshops and training courses for teachers, parents, therapists, and those who work with children of all abilities. Learn basic, easy, and effective tools to help children with homework, behavioral issues, sleep disorders, health concerns, and to be confident, strong and fit.  Learn more…

We bring the Yoga Rocks! Kids experience to you!  Activities include yoga, breath work, relaxation techniques, music, creative movement and sharing time to promote well being and balance.

Troops will learn a carefully designed, age (and badge) appropriate sequence with a goal and positive affirmation associated with that sequence.  The sequence, goal, and positive statement are reviewed and declared.  After the sequence is learned and practiced, the troops will reflect on their experience and record feelings, thoughts, and inspirations as a result of their yoga experience.

Please send an email to: with booking date, time, location, number of girls and their approximate ages.  Our classes qualify for troop badges that you provide to the girls after the class. 

Cost: $10 per child.  $50 deposit due at booking.  Remaining balance and forms due after the event.  You will be emailed a form to fill out.

*(Classes may be cancelled due to weather conditions so please give us your cell phone information! Thank you!)


Our parties ROCK! Have a fun, Yoga Birthday Bash!  YRK Birthday Parties are healthy and fun.  Choose a theme and we create a rockin' yoga class just for you!  Learn more…


Find room to grow in our prenatal, baby, tot and family classes and privates!  Learn yoga as a family and bond together in a healthy, enjoyable and calm environment.  Learn more…


Having a yoga party or event and finding a way to service your community can be fun and easy!

Yoga Rocks! Kids supports and recognizes the "Pajama Program" for providing children in need with new warm and cozy pajamas as well as nurturing books, many who are waiting and hoping to be adopted.  The "Pajama Program" has a chapter location along with many drop off locations on Long Island. That means your donations will go to children in need in your area.   

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