Programs for Schools and Teachers

The Yoga Rocks Kids® Adaptive Yoga for Every Child is an educational program that integrates scientific principles and yoga techniques to counteract the various stressors that interfere with optimal learning and success in school and in life.

Scientific research in the medical and psychological fields now shows how incorporating yoga into one's daily experience improves concentration and focus, enhances creativity, improves confidence and learning skills, promotes health and wellness, relieves anxiety, and improves academic performance. This is especially important in today's fast-paced world.

Physical activity is of utmost importance for maintaining overall health and wellness for children and adults alike. When exercise is enjoyable, children want to participate.This leads to increased self-esteem, nutritional health, and clarity of mind which results in enhanced learning and achievement.

Educational Programs

Yoga Rocks Kids® offers educational programs that are easy to implement and effective in the classroom environment.

The programs are designed for teachers, parents, social workers, therapists, nurses, or anyone who works with kids, to utilize The Yoga Rocks! Kids program to enhance learning and improve health and overall well-being. Teachers can personally use The Yoga Rocks! Kids Program in their own lives as well to maintain balance, focus, and calm.

The sequences used in The Yoga Rocks! Kids Program are easy to follow and easy to remember enabling teachers and students to practice the method before, after, or during the school day providing immediate results.

Girl Scout Programs

Activities include yoga, breath work, relaxation techniques, music, creative movement and sharing time to promote well being and balance.  $10 per child. $50 deposit due at booking.  Remaining balance due after the event. Email Jeannine at with booking date, time, location, number of girls and their approximate ages.  We bring the Yoga Rocks! Kids experience to you!  Our classes qualify for troop badges that you provide to the girls after the class. 

(Classes may be cancelled due to weather conditions so please give us your cell phone information! Thank you!)

Professional Development Programs

The following are various program options for integrating the Yoga Rocks! Kids Program and classes into the school day. Programs and classes can be tailored to your organization's individual needs.

10-Week Enrichment Program In this 10-week course, students will learn the various techniques as practiced in the Yoga Rocks! Kids™ Program. All classes will be taught by a Certified Yoga Rocks Kids Teacher. Classes can be held before, during, or after the school day. Students are required to purchase their own yoga mats and a composition notebook for class. Materials can also be provided. See below for Materials Fees.

30-Week Integration Program Bring yoga in your school as a full-year course! Integrate yoga into the lifestyle of the school atmosphere and watch your school transform in an environment of productive, positive, and peaceful students. Classes can be held before, during, or after the school day. Many schools have also implemented Yoga Clubs to increase awareness and participation. Students will need to purchase their own yoga mats and notebooks or journals.

Professional Development Programs

In this interactive workshop, teachers and/or students will learn how to effortlessly incorporate The Yoga Rocks! Kids Method™ into their daily schedule.

2-Hour In-School Introduction An introduction to the Yoga Rocks! Kids™ techniques that support the teacher in creating a calm, centered, and focused classroom environment.

½ Day In-School Program (4 Hours) Instruction and practice in utilizing the Yoga Rocks! Kids™ Program including breathwork, movement, creative games, and relaxation techniques to create a positive learning environment that encourages success and overall achievement.

Full Day In-School Program A full day interactive workshop that trains teachers and staff in the comprehensive Yoga Rocks! Kids™ Program including 10-week lesson plans. In this workshop, participants will gain the knowledge required to successfully implement the Yoga Rocks! Kids™ Program and will feel confident to begin utilizing the techniques immediately.

Introductory Workshop at Student Assembly or Health Fair An interactive program that invites students to learn creative, fun, and healthy yoga activities to promote their health, improve their focus and concentration, keep them calm and relaxed, and feel good about themselves.

For more information about our program, please email Jeannine at