Yoga Rocks!® is proud to feature Professionally Certified and Registered yoga teachers who have completed the 100-Hour Yoga Rocks! Kids Teacher Training Program with Yoga Alliance, the national association for creating the standards for teaching yoga. 

Jeannine Perotto, M.Ed., E-RYT, Founder, Yoga Rocks!
Jeannine currently teaches private sessions and is the Founder of  Yoga Rocks!  She currently teaches private sessions

and participates in speaking engagements, fundraisers, events, parties, and school programs.

Diana Vargas-Singh, RYT, C-YRKT, Director, Yoga Rocks! Kids Program

Diana has been teaching with Yoga Rocks! Kids since 2008 and has been a student of yoga for over ten years. She currently is Director of Yoga Rocks! Kids Programs for Yoga Rocks! and Practice Body Mind Soul.  Diana first tried yoga when she started her career as a young attorney. Quickly realizing that she needed an outlet for the stress associated with work, Diana tried different yoga styles and studios. When expecting her first baby, prenatal yoga and then postnatal yoga helped seal her love of how yoga made her feel inside and out. In 2007 Diana decided to take her love of yoga and children, and combine them under the wonderful Yoga Rocks! Kids training program. Diana has taught yoga to toddlers, children and teens. She has taught: Nassau County Girl Scout troops, Nassau BOCES, at The Portledge School in Locust Valley, Friends Academy, Theodore Roosevelt Elementary in Oyster Bay, private birthday parties, and currently at the Glen Cove YMCA. Diana is also an adult yoga teacher through Yoga Works. Diana is happily married with three wonderful little yogis who love to practice yoga with mommy!

Alison Klein, RYT, C-YRKT

Alie earned her Master’s degree in Education specializing in School Counseling and has been a school counselor for the past 10 years. Alie was introduced to yoga by a good friend who suggested it would be a great stress reliever and was hooked from her first class! Looking for a studio closer to home, she found Yoga Rocks! in October 2006 and has been dedicated to her yoga practice ever since. Combining her passion for yoga and working with children, Alie earned her C-YRKT with Yoga Rocks! Kids in 2008.  Alie earned her 200 hour adult certification with YogaWorks in NYC. Alie continues to teach the Yoga Rocks! Kids classes and  private clients on Long Island. She started a yoga program at the Danc’in Place in Carle Place and her yoga students were given the opportunity to perform in the year end recital, for the first time, in June 2009. Alie loves when her students use their imaginations and want to create their own yoga poses, “I learn as much from them, as they learn from me.”

Elissa Chanin-Sharp, C-YRKT

Elissa Chanin-Sharp, C-YRT, has been a student of yoga for the last six years.  Her first real experience on the mat was a prenatal class. Here she found a community of like-minded moms-to-be who shared not only the practice of yoga, but their ups and downs of their 9 months to motherhood.  Elissa continued to practice yoga and in addition to the physical benefits, she was amazed at how the practice helped her grow, both on and off the mat. 


In September 2013, she started her 100-hr training with YogaRocks! Kids and is now a registered C-YRKT.  She is so excited to share her love of yoga with children of all ages.  She has taught at Anna House – Belmont Racetrack, Central Queens Y, Portledge School, Friends Academy, and Practice Body Mind Soul.  She loves to incorporate music, crafts, and books into her classes, and is lucky to have two beautiful yogis of her own who love to test out all her new ideas.


Alice Weiser, C-YRKT

Alice is a singer, dancer and actress who has been practicing yoga and working with children for the past 20 years. Initially, she was drawn to yoga as a fun form of movement, but when she faced difficult health issues in 2008, Alice found that yoga was also a powerful tool for healing, strength and self-reflection.  Alice discovered Yoga Rocks! in 2010 and realized that it was a great vehicle to allow her to share her love of yoga with children. She received her certification and teaches at yoga and dance studios, family fun workshops, and to Girl Scout troops. She is currently working toward her certification to teach yoga to adults. In addition, Alice received a BA in Theater/English from Wesleyan University and an MA in Arts Administration from NYU.  When she isn’t doing yoga, Alice acts and sings with “Constant Wonder”, a children’s performing duo that she co-founded with Connie Gillies. Constant Wonder uses original songs and interactive movements to teach children about the wonders of the world and the joy of learning through music and movement. Constant Wonder performs at schools, libraries, festivals and children’s museums on Long Island and beyond.  Alice is happily married with three children. Even if her family members are reluctant yogis, Alice keeps modeling a yoga lifestyle for them, hoping that the seeds of yoga will grow for her family when the time is right!


Amy LaCentra, B.S.Ed., E-RYT, C-YRKT
Amy has been teaching a diversity of yoga, wellness, dance, and fitness to children and adults for over 20 years.  After graduating from NYU with a degree in Dance she continued to perform professionally as well as receive certifications in Dance,  various Fitness styles, and Personal Training.  Amy has had many unique teaching experiences throughout the course of her career including running the Fitness Program for the Yale Club of New York and teaching Dance and Physical Education at the prestigious Brearley School for Girls in New York City.
After getting married and having two children, Amy's first child was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder.  Yoga took on a profound presence in her life as well as her family.  Amy continued to expand her movement career to include more yoga certifications from YogaFit, YogaEd., Core Strength Vinyasa,and Yoga Rocks! Kids. Along her journey she began to experiment with yoga techniques as a way to help her son and others find valuable coping strategies.  With the help of many Special Education Professionals and her own innate desire to help, she began to create yoga strategies that were easily accessible to everyone for home practice as well as for the school setting.
Whether Amy is teaching Adults or children, her classes are an eclectic blend of all her training and experience but so much more. A life long student, Amy continues to study, grow and uncover her own unlimited potential.  Her compassionate and respectful style of teaching  helps her students gain a true understanding of acceptance of themselves and their own unique place in the world.  She co-created the Level Two curriculum with Jeannine of the Yoga Rocks! Kids Teacher Training Program and is Master Trainer for this Level.


Danielle Gagnon, B.S. ED. and PSY, M. Art Therapy, Registered Art Therapist, C-YRKT

Danielle has been on a yoga journey for a while but it really has made a significant impact on her over the past several years.  Sayville Hot Yoga has been her place of inspiration.  Danielle has worked in the Sachem School District for eleven years.  A love for children and children’s self-growth has always been part of her being.  Having a Duel Bachelor’s Degree in Education and Psychology and a Master’s in Art Therapy she has always been working on programs in the school to promote positive self-esteem and positive relationships.  She has used her art background to run various art based / writing programs in her school.  These programs include; working with her entire school graphically, educating staff about the importance of art in the classroom, working with children whose families are facing divorce and most importantly working with art to enhance learning in her classroom, daily.  Throughout her yoga journey Danielle has realized that yoga can have a very similar impact on children as art does.  Upon research, Danielle gratefully found the Yoga Rocks! Kids Program and became a Certified Yoga Rocks! Kids Teacher (C-YRKT) in May of 2013.  She now uses stretching and breathing in her own classroom to increase stamina and promote healthy living.  Danielle believes that yoga can help children deal with their emotions and help children to become strong, centered individuals.  Over the past two years Danielle has taken a journey through yoga that is unexplainable and would like to foster children to experience this journey in a safe, creative, fun environment. Currently, Danielle offers children’s and teen yoga, Mommy (or Daddy) and Me, Kids Yoga Birthday Parties and Girl Scout Troop Yoga at Sayville Yoga Center in Suffolk County. 



Lou Ann Roche, BA Ed., RYT, R-CYT

Lou Ann is a retired NYS certified elementary school teacher with 33 years of classroom experience. She has been a RYT-200 Yoga Alliance Certified adults yoga teacher since 2009.  Lou Ann has maintained a deep personal yoga practice of her own for over 16 years and has chosen to combine her love of kids with her passion for yoga. She found out about Yoga Rocks! Kids and completed her full certification in February 2014.  She is thrilled to become a Certified children's yoga teacher and join the YRK team!


Erin Barrett, C-YRKT

Erin is the Adapted Physical Education teacher for the Autism program at the Brookville Center for Children’s Services in Brookville NY, and her passion for teaching has been enhanced by incorporating Yoga Rocks! Kids into her daily lesson plans. She believes that practicing Yoga Rocks! Kids is so beneficial for students with special needs because it provides them with tools which help focus their attention, reduce stress and calm their nervous system, energize their bodies, develop a sense of self-awareness, and encourage positive thinking. Erin also teaches a special interest group at her school which combines yoga with the creative arts. In a calm and soothing atmosphere, students participate in a yoga lesson, and are then given directives to create and color an art project that’s connected to their yoga practice for that day. Erin values the benefits of Yoga Rocks! Kids and loves being able to share them with her students as well as provide them with opportunities for self-expression and positive social interactions.  She looks forward to expanding her yoga teaching for the special needs population through individual sessions and group programs.


Cecilia Stella, BS Ed, in Early Childhood Education and MS Ed., in Reading and Literacy, R-CYT

Cecilia currently teaches elementary school on Long Island.  When she found Yoga Rocks! Kids she was over the moon as it united her two passions – teaching and yoga!  Cecilia currently teaches yoga in the Plainview area offering classes, privates and parties.



Melissa Stolberg, MS, RYT, RCYT 

Melissa received her masters degree in School Counseling from St. John’s University in 2005. She found her yoga practice helped her counsel students. She decided to pursue her yoga certification by completing her 200 hour teacher training in 2010 from Long Island Yoga School.  Yoga has become a true passion to Melissa. She enjoys teaching adults as well as children. Melissa found the perfect marriage of her two callings by pursuing children's yoga which lead her to get certified with Yoga Rocks! Kids.  In addition, Melissa is currently working towards her 500 hour certification through Long Island Yoga School.  Melissa also has her personal training and group exercise instructor certification with Aerobics and Fitness Association of America  (AFAA).  She teaches her yoga classes where her students are encouraged to understand their body and how it works in a safe and effective manner.  She currently teaches adults and kids on Long Island.


Leah Urrutia, RYT, C-YRKT is a Certified Yoga Rocks! Kids Teacher and adult yoga teacher with YogaWorks. She teaches the Yoga Rocks! Kids Program on Long Island.


Danielle Bonfanti, RYT, C-YRKT   Danielle discovered yoga while pregnant with her first child in 1999. It was after she had her second child that her deep passion for yoga was born and became an instrumental part of her life. Yoga empowered her to overcome the pressures of adjusting to being a full time at home mom and caring for her elderly father. Also through yoga, Danielle embarked on her journey to pursue and spread her love for children, yoga and good will.
Throughout Danielle’s years as an at home mom her house has always been filled with children. She became a volunteer Brownie Leader. Danielle felt strong about educating the children about health and wellness and teaching the children the importance of getting involved in their community, and giving back. After becoming involved in the Pajama Program with her Brownies, Danielle felt she needed to do more and became the Volunteer Coordinator for a Long Island Chapter of the Pajama Program in 2010. As Volunteer Coordinator, Danielle helps organize drives to raise pajamas and books for children in need. Inspired to do even more for children in need, Danielle began volunteering in a preschool for underprivileged children. Initially, her job was simply to love and spend time with these kids. Still, Danielle knew she had to do more and after seeing the children practice a yoga video, Danielle was inspired to commit her life to bringing yoga to children, enabling her to share something she is passionate about with the world in a very special way.

Danielle received her 200 hour Adult Yoga Certification and then went on to become a Certified Yoga Rocks Kids Teacher (C-YRKT). Her training has taught her to integrate adaptive strategies, principles and yoga techniques to counteract the various stress factors that interfere with optimal learning and success in school and in life for children of all abilities. Her training coupled with her love for yoga and children makes Danielle uniquely qualified to work with children of all needs. Danielle strongly believes there is no greater gift to give a child than yoga.


Marcella Burney, C-YRKT former International Banker, mother of 2 teenage daughters, has been practicing yoga for the past 15 years. First introduced to yoga at the Integral Yoga Institute in Manhattan, she was delighted to find Yoga Rocks! after moving to Long Island. Marcella now combines her love of yoga with her love of children in her new occupation as a Certified Yoga Rocks Kids Teacher and teaches classes, privates and parties.



Julie Raimondo, C-YRKT is a Certified Yoga Rocks! Kids Teacher.  She began practicing yoga while working as a preschool teacher and realized that her students would benefit greatly from yoga. Julie embraced the opportunity to study under Jeannine and began the process during the summer of 2008. She became certified just before the birth of her daughter, Ava. She now offers the Yoga Rocks! Kids Program at after school programs in Brooklyn, New York. She loves seeing kids get just as excited about yoga as she does and wishes that more children would be introduced to yoga at a young age.



Susan Burke, C-YRKT is a Certified Yoga Rocks! Kids Teacher as well as a Speech and Language teachers in the Jericho School district where she leads a Yoga Club for kids. She is a mom of 6 children and a fun and exciting kids yoga teacher.


Jessica Domow, RYT, C-YRKT began her yoga practice in 2002 while attending the University of Massachusetts. She loved what it did for her body-mind connection and decided to pursue the study of Yoga. In 2005 she became a 200 hour Certified Yoga Teacher. Jessica's joy of working with children inspired her to concentrate her studies in children's yoga and become a Certified Yoga Rocks Kids Teacher in 2007. Jessica is also a graduate from NY College of Health Professions, and is now a Licensed Massage Therapist. Health and wellness continue to be an important part of Jessica's life. Currently, Jessica lives in Western Massachusetts bringing the Yoga Rocks! Kids program into studios and schools.



Danielle Caputo, C-YRKT is a Certified Elementary School Teacher who has been practicing yoga for over 10 years. Danielle’s love of yoga began as a natural healing tool for her own depression and anxiety. After Danielle’s first career in New York City’s world of advertising left her wanting more, she decided to return to school to pursue a Masters in Childhood Education. As a past Home School Tutor to troubled teens in Group Homes and Psychiatric Hospitals she knew she had to return to teaching. Needing to align her career with her spiritual path…combining her love for children, teaching, and yoga was a natural solution.  One day while subbing in the Commack School District, Danielle met Jeannine when she asked her to assist with the relaxation portion of a National Health Day Demonstration and it was clear…the answer had revealed itself and Danielle became a Certified York Rocks! Kids Instructor in 2008. Danielle has infused her own creative spirit and imagination into a class called Yoga Arts & Crafts. Danielle has integrated her passion for aromatherapy and reflexology into her signature Hand and Foot Massages. The children absolutely love them! They look forward to being pampered after a positive and peaceful yoga practice.  One year to the day Jeannine asked her to assist Danielle headed the National Health Day Awareness Demonstration in the same Commack School, coming full circle. Danielle continues to grow, focusing her gifts into working with Special Needs children as well as ESL learners.


Penny Silverman, C-YRKT, is an Early Childhood Educator at Community Synagogue in Port Washington, New York.  Penny completed the Yoga Rocks! Kids Certification Program in 2008 and continues to teach the Yoga Rocks! Kids program in her school and at various locations all over Long Island.