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YOUTUBE YOGA ROCKS KIDS CHANNEL The Official youTUBE site for the Yoga Rocks! Kids Program. Check it out!

KIDS YOGA ACADEMY Jeannine is a Faculty Member of this awesome site!

BRAIN SYNC  An amazing site for subliminal healing, meditations, attracting love, wealth, helping with weight loss and sleep. I listen to these recordings every night!

THE HEALTH CONSCIOUS CHEF Kathryn Bari-Petritis is a chef, a guru, and a friend. She makes amazing healthy food and her recipes are on this site. She helps people heal with healthy, good nutrition.

THE PHOENIX SOCIETY FOR BURN SURVIVORS Since I am a burn survivor from my burns as a baby, I am very connected to helping others heal. This is my charity of choice and it is one of the best I have found for helping children.

YOUNG LIVING ESSENTIAL OILS The essential oils that we recommend that are 100% pure and natural. Use code 814788 to buy products. I love JOY, PEACE & CALMING, and THIEVES HANDSOAP!

YOGA DIRECT The best site for yoga mats, blankets, and props. Mention "Yoga Rocks!" and get a 10% discount!

DR. MERCOLA One of the best health sites on the web! Dr. Mercola researches everything and it one of the leading healers on the planet today. I use almost every product he recommends including his protein shakes, probiotics, Krill Oil, B-12 spray and so many more.

YOGAMINT This site is so very cool! It is filled with information and inspiration that is super helpful and uplifting to read. I connected to this site instantly and LOVE getting their daily emails.  Sign up for their newsletter today!!!!

RAINFOREST TREASURES Some of the most amazing natural products on the market today. I love the Chocomaca Chocolate and the Rainforest Tea!

1000 AWESOME THINGS A very cool blog and now a new book. Talk about staying positive! I LOVE this site!

THE TAPPING SOLUTION EFT is now a very essential and helpful natural tool that I will be incorporating into future trainings. It helped me and it helps kids and adults handle just about anything!!

KRIPALU CENTER FOR YOGA AND HEALTH Kripalu is where I was trained as a 200-Hour Yoga Teacher. Great retreats, workshops and trainings in the beautiful Berkshires.

BLISS STUDIO Bliss Studio is formerly Yoga Rocks! Oyster Bay. I sold the first Yoga Rocks! Studio in 2009 and it has evolved to offer dance, yoga and more!

YOGA JOURNAL The best yoga magazine and website about yoga and wellness.

10 REASONS TO DO YOGA Read a great article and learn 10 reasons why YOGA ROCKS!!!

KIDS PLUS INC  Located in Northport, this company helps kids of all ages and abilities by providing support, camps, wellness and more! Yoga Rocks! Kids works with them every year and I think the work Tammie Topel, Founder and Director, is simply amazing!!